Frequently Asked Questions – FAQ
How much do the site licenses (lots) cost?
Site license prices range from $20,000 up to $90,000. Over 90% of our sales are in the $20,000 to $40,000 range, but there are some sites located on water that can be more expensive. Sites that are next to the woods or on steep ravines are also very popular.

How much is the cost of the cabin and porch that members put on sites?
Cabins can range from $70,000 up to $95,000. It depends on the materials used inside the cabin and the options that you choose. The size of the porch and deck will also be a big determining factor on the overall cost. Most cabins end up costing between $80,000 and $90,000.

How much are the Annual Membership Fees?
The Annual Membership Fees are currently $3,050 per year. This fee includes the cost of all grass cutting, tree maintenance, pool maintenance, standard cable TV, sewer service, city water service, property taxes on the resort and even staining the exterior of your cabin every couple of years as needed.

What other expenses is there that comes along with ownership of the cabin?
Electric fees average about $375 for the year and LP gas service is about $150 – $250 for the Spring, Summer and Fall. Wintertime LP gas service ranges between $800 to $1,000 depending on temperature and cost of gas.

Can I buy a cabin and rent it out to other people?
Yes, you can rent your cabin subject to certain limitations designed to preserve the resort experience. Currently, about 30% of LCR Members choose to rent their cabin to some extent. We only allow rentals from May 1st through October 31st at this time.

Can I rent my cabin on my own or does LCR provide a rental service?
You can rent on your own if you like. Vacation Home Finders (www.vacationhomefinders.com), which is Harbor Country’s premier rental service, can also help you manage your rentals if you like. VHF charges a 30% fee to obtain renters for your cabin, collect payments, check the renters in, check the renters out and clean the cabin when the rental period is complete.

2017 LCR Rental Management Agreement

Do these cabins get rented very much?
The rental cabins are extremely popular because for the same cost of a hotel stay, people can enjoy a Michigan resort experience with great amenities.

How far is the Resort from Lake Michigan?
There are four Chikaming Township beaches that are within 2-3 miles from Lakeside Cabins Resort. The Warren Dunes State Park (Michigan’s most popular state park) is just 5 miles to the North and the New Buffalo Beach is 5 miles to the Southwest.

Can I use my cabin during the winter time?
Yes, you can visit during the winter. No one may occupy their Cabin more than a total of 180 days throughout the year. No one may live in these cabins as their primary residence. LCR is a recreational area and all cabins are intended to be second homes.

Can I have a golf cart at my cabin and operate it at the Resort?
Yes you can own and operate a golf cart at the Resort.

Do I need a fishing license to fish at your lakes?
No, you do not need a fishing license to fish at either Wilkinson Lake or Warren Lake. Fishing is catch and release.

Can I use a motor boat or Jet Ski on the lake?
No, you cannot use any motorized boats on the lakes. Wilkinson Lake is about 6-7 acres and is too small for motorized boats. We do allow canoes, kayaks and rowboats on the lake. Warren Lake is about 4 acres and is for fishing only.

Does the Resort allow pets?
Yes, the Resort does allow dogs. They must be on a leash and attended at all times when outside of the cabin.

Are there two bedroom cabins?
There are two bedroom models, but the overwhelming majority of Members have chosen to design cabins with one bedroom and two sleeping lofts. They are a much more efficient use of space. The cabins are designed for two adults and two to four children.

What is the size of a screened porch/deck that can be built?
The Resort will allow up to 800 sq. ft. of screened porch/deck to be built.