Site Licenses

B-42 FrontLakeside Cabins Resort has been developed as a Membership Resort and is fully licensed by the state of Michigan as a private campground.  Although technically a campground, Lakeside Cabins Resort is governed by a homeowners’ association under specific rules and regulations.  These rules include the specifications and guidelines for the purchase, sale and use of the licenses for the sites at Lakeside Cabins Resort.

Lakeside Cabins Resort operates as a private campground under a license agreement with the Resort’s developer, Chikaming Cabins LLC (Chikaming is the name of the township in which the Resort is located and means “at the Big Lake” in Potowatomi dialect).  The license agreement authorizes Lakeside Cabins Resort to sell licenses to individual purchasers for the over 400 sites located at the Resort.  Each license grants the purchaser the right to place a cabin on the site, occupy the site, and sell, will or give away the license to the site at a later date.  Each purchaser makes a one-time payment for the site license and then pays annual dues to the homeowners’ association thereafter in order for the association to operate the Resort.  The underlying land and all buildings, swimming pools and other amenities located at Lakeside Cabins Resort will eventually be transferred to the homeowners’ association by an existing land sales contract, and will forever thereafter be held by the homeowners’ association for the benefit of all Members at Lakeside Cabins Resort.

Each site has different dimensions depending on various factors including the terrain, surrounding ravines, roads and the price of the site.  The average site exceeds 3000 square feet and is sufficiently large to comfortably handle one of our cedar-sided cabins and a porch and/or deck of between 150 and 800 square feet.  Lakeside Cabins Resort has sites situated with a variety of surroundings including: one of the Resort’s three man-made lakes, one of the heated pools, abutting against wooded ravines, and along the Galien River.  Sites are located in sunny areas, shaded areas and mixed exposures.  Lakeside Cabins Resort truly has a site for every type of taste and budget.

Site license prices start at $20,000 and range up to $90,000.  Our average site license price sold has been approximately $35,000, and over 170 of our original 260 site licenses have been sold through 2013.