Reservation Process

IMG_4059When a Site has been selected and you would like to move forward in purchasing your site and getting a cabin, following are the steps and time frames.

  1. Select a Site to put in reservation status.
  2. Fill out a Lakeside Cabins Resort Membership Application and put a $1,000 refundable deposit on that Site.
  3. Lakeside Cabins Resort will supply to you a copy of the Disclosure Statement, Association Bylaws and the Resort Rules and Regulations.
  4. You will have one week (seven days) to review the document and notify LCR of your intent to purchase or not to move forward with a purchase.  Extra days may be granted depending upon circumstances.
  5. After the one week time period you will notify us of your intentions.
  6. You have 30 days to close on the remaining balance of the Site License from the time you first made the Site reservation.
  7. Choice of Cabin builder and design choices can be made after a Site License has been paid for and closed.  The deck and porch design will be done at this time as well.
  8. A deposit of $5,000 must be made when the cabin is placed on order.  This amount will be applied against the cabin purchase price at the time of closing on the cabin.
  9. Cabins can take anywhere from 4-12 weeks to be built and delivered to Lakeside Cabins Resort.  Timing will be dependent upon the manufacturer chosen as well as the time of year and backlog of orders.
  10. When a cabin arrives at Lakeside Cabins Resort.  Closing on the cabin will take place within 10 days after the cabin has been delivered.
  11. Setup will take place after the cabin has been paid for.  It normally takes 2-4 days to set the cabin up and complete a final cleaning.  At this time the cabin can be used.
  12. Items such as LP gas tank, air conditioning and cable will be put on order and generally in place within a week.
  13. Porch and Deck construction will commence and be completed as quickly as possible.  Times will vary upon the size of the deck and porch as well as the workload of the crews building.  In general deck and porch construction is usually completed with 2-4 weeks after the cabin arrives on site.  Payment for porch and deck construction will take place within one week of completion.
  14. Enjoy your new cabin!