Porches & Decks

MK4Y1641At Lakeside Cabins Resort we enjoy warm, sunny Spring mornings with trees budding and flowers blooming…hot, star-filled Summer nights with the glow of lightening bugs, the gentle chirping of crickets and the sweet fragrance of logs smoldering in outdoor fire pits… and crisp, clear Autumn days with trees ablaze in reds, yellows and browns, and the crackle of fallen leaves underfoot on long hikes through the woods.

MK4Y1437What better place to enjoy the changing seasons than from your very own porch or deck in southwest Michigan?

All of our porches and decks are constructed from high quality cedar wood and are finely crafted to your exact specifications.  Our “decks” are built of cedar flooring and railing and are open to the sky without any enclosure or roofing.  The decks are perfect areas for an outdoor grill or a place to sunbathe or read a book under the warmth of the sun.

IMG_4456Our “porches” also consist of cedar boards for flooring, but are built by sinking posts that support metal roofing to match the accompanying cabin.  The porches are then fully screened and screen doors added.  The roof and the screening create wonderfully versatile outdoor living space that is perfect for additional dining and living areas for day or nighttime use.

Lakeside Cabins Resort Members have porches and decks that range in size from 150 square feet all the way up to 800 square feet.  Upon your visit you will be amazed by the wide range of porch and deck configurations existing and available at Lakeside Cabins Resort!

C41 Porch C41 Porch 2 P-11 Porch