A Simpler Life…
Lakeside Cabins Resort

Lakeside Cabins Resort offers an affordable vacation home just 75 miles from Chicago, on 110 acres of land in beautiful southwest Michigan. Your cabin offers you an affordable, low maintenance getaway and your family a simpler life.

Rent a cabin beginning at $1,000 for an entire week of swimming, fishing, hiking and family time. Purchase a cabin beginning at $100,000 for an entire lifetime of swimming, fishing, hiking, and family time.

Priceless memories. Affordable lifestyle. See what all the buzz is about.

Rent a Cabin (Book For 2015 Starting on November 3rd, 2014)



“Dear ‘M’ Family, Thank you so much for sharing your cabin with us. We just happened to drop in and inquire about cabins while on vacation from Ohio. We ended up renting your cabin from 8/20 through 8/23. What a wonderful time we had! We plan on making this our vacation destination! If it wasn’t for families like you, sharing their cabin, we could never have experienced how great it is here!” The ‘Y’ Family

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